Pelvic Pain| HER Body PT

Pelvic pain is a rather common issue that women encounter.  Pelvic pain can  occur due to poor posture, impaired alignment, strength deficits, impaired mobility, gait deviations and hip pathology.  Back pain/dysfunction can also be a common driver of pelvic pain.  The pelvic floor itself can often refer pain to different areas of the pelvic girdle and should be evaluated. 

1 out of 5 women will experience lumbopelvic pain during pregnancy.  Postpartum, this pain often reduces, but for some, can become a persistent issue.

Physical therapy can often help women identify the cause of their pain.  Occasionally, referrals may be given to an outside provider for further evaluation/diagnostics when appropriate.  

Treatment includes a combination of exercise prescription, manual work, behavioral modifications and patient education.