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What to Expect at your first visit : 

Your first visit will be an initial evaluation, taking place in the comfort of YOUR home.  If choosing Telehealth, you will receive a link, allowing you to log on at the scheduled appointment time.

We will start with a general intake and thoroughly review your medical history, concerns and treatment goals.  We will discuss anatomy and physiology and make sure  you have a thorough understanding of your issue(s).


We will then proceed with a comprehensive assessment.  This may include an external assessment of things such as posture and alignment.  An internal exam may be appropriate for some clients after full discussion of the current issues.  If consent is provided, this examination will take place after all components have been thoroughly reviewed.  Please understand that this is just one small piece of the puzzle and I believe in treating someone very holistically.  To reach your ultimate goals, a full assessment is most beneficial.  That said, so much useful information can be revealed during an internal assessment of your muscles and this can be an area, often overlooked by other providers. 

If meeting via Telehealth, an assessment is still feasible, with certain necessary modifications.

Treatment Plan:

Following an assessment, we will review the findings and determine together what the treatment plan should look like.  I will likely assign you a home program to begin, and this will be modified as needed.  We can decide how many visits we should plan for, knowing that this could increase or decrease based on a variety of factors which we can discuss. 

My goal is that at completion of the initial evaluation, you feel very empowered and educated regarding your conditions/diagnosis.  I want you to feel heard and understood.  I want you to feel confident with the plan we put in place and excited to begin your treatment journey!

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