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Sarah S:  April 2023

" Dr. Moses was beyond amazing to work with.  Before we met, I was dealing with a slew of issues that were severely impacting my quality of life.  I was struggling to exercise and felt confused and overwhelmed, not sure where to start.  Dr. Moses was so comprehensive in her evaluation and immediately put into action a very complete home program.  She kept checking in on me to make sure I was staying compliant and helped me troubleshoot along the way.  She offers in home sessions which was an absolute blessing!  She brings her own equipment, and just being at home, in my own space, made the experience so much more comfortable.  As a busy momma to 3 kids under 6, this was a no brainer!  I am so grateful to have found her and am back to working out regularly without fear or pain.  "

JL:  May 2023

"Thank you Lindsay for making this process so easy. For years, I knew I needed help, but always had a million excuses why I couldn't take the next step and find someone to help me.  I experienced a birth trauma, not once, but twice and I am sure this was part of my hesitancy.  I loved that at our first visit, she spent so much time with me just explaining what was likely going on.  It was SO validating!  I had no idea just how connected everything was and for the first time, in a long time, I felt a huge weight lift.  I knew this was what I needed and she made me feel so at ease.  She is so knowledgeable about all things pelvic health related and was also able to provide great referrals to other providers in the area that I needed to see.  She takes a very holistic approach to care which I appreciate when finding new providers.  Don't think twice!  This was so convenient!  We are still working towards my goals, and I know I have a ways to go, but many aspects of my life have already markedly improved."

Shara E:  June 2023

"Find yourself someone like Dr. Moses!  I went from peeing on myself at least 3 times a day, to 3 times a week, in a matter of 2 sessions!  She kept reminding me that incontinence is COMMON, NOT NORMAL.  For so many years, I thought it was "normal" after the birth of my twins.  The home program ap she uses is great and has been super helpful in reminding me what I should be doing every day."

AR:  October 2023

"For the first time in 3 years, I was able to run without leaking.  I felt so amazing to be free of this problem.  Thank you to Lindsay because I can't imagine having done this without her".

JJ:  March 2024

"So happy I decided to see Dr. Moses.  Schedule with her today.  I had chronic back pain and a stubborn diastasis that would not heal.  I am finally feeling pain free and able to chase my kids at the playground without pain."

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