Postpartum Recovery| HER Body PT

Postpartum, women are recovering both emotionally and physically.  Everyone's journey is unique and important.

Physical therapy can help women recover from a C-section.  Often, scar tissue is present as healing progresses.  This tissue can often benefit from scar mobilization (when appropriate) .  Physical therapy works with women to learn how to protect themselves while healing.  Learning the correct way to lift and transfer in and out of bed for example, can make the recovery process more optimal.  Women are taught how to safely engage their core and strengthen a weakened abdominal wall. 

For women who sustained any degree of perineal tearing during delivery, scar tissue can form here as well.  This area can be tender and cause pain with vaginal penetration.  When the tissues are healed, physical therapy can help women mobilize this tissue through gentle stretching.  This can involve a combination of internal and external techniques. 

Additionally, Dr. Moses works with postpartum women to correct postural deviations, impaired breathing mechanics and rib flares.  Spinal mobility can be affected by a pregnancy and this is another area of focus postpartum.  Overall, the goal is to help women ensure a positive quality of life and be able to resume all desired activities without pain or dysfunction.