When I graduated from PT school in 2005, I never imagined I would have the option of helping physical therapy patients via Telehealth.  During the height of the COVID pandemic, my ability to treat patient's face to face was temporarily compromised, and Telehealth was the only available option.  

I remember thinking initially, "this will never work"!  How could I possibly help a patient with their urinary incontinence through a Zoom call?  I will admit, it took me some time to adjust, but eventually, I found my new groove and pulled on every creative string within myself to make it work.  

Visual feedback provided by the Telehealth platform, allows for some assessment to take place.  I am able to evaluate posture, breathing mechanics, range of motion, stability and strength, movement patterns and gait.  Through coaching, I am able to instruct a patient (off camera of course) how to perform their own pelvic floor assessment, when appropriate. 

Please understand that a lot of what I do as a women's health therapist is patient education.  Telehealth is an optimal platform for delivering that information.  

Telehealth an excellent option for women who do not reside in an area where there is an established women's health physical therapy practice.  This may also be a great option for someone who is less interested in hands on work and more interested in the educational piece.

Please understand that when feasible, my preference IS to to see women face to face.  I think that hands on/manual work can be invaluable, particularly for certain issues women present with.  That said, if your preference is a Telehealth option, and you reside IN the state of North Carolina, I am happy to work with you in this format.  

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